Friday, July 19, 2013

What I saw in NYC - part 1

This summer I had a chance to visit New York City.  Here's what I saw . . .

New York City is a very interesting city.  It reminds me of Bangkok, Thailand.
NYC is a very fast moving city - people walk fast, drive fast, talk fast, eat fast, and shop fast. 

When I was in NYC with my family, we went to Bryant Park.  It was really cool  and we were also able to visit the New York Public Library.  Now that's something you got to see if you have a chance to visit NYC.  It's really cool!
My observation of New Yorkers, is that they need Jesus.  They need to slow down and really look around them for once.   Perhaps New Yorkers can care about someone around them in need.   That's why they need Jesus!  To have a heart to care about the people around them.

Questions for my blog readers

  1. Have you ever been to NYC?  What was your favorite place to visit?
  2. Share how you have you slowed down and helped someone?
  3. Have you ever gone on a trip with your family?
Thanks for sharing your experiences!

Friday, July 27, 2012

In the Midst of the Waterfall Pala-U Waterfall น้ำตกป่าละอู

Today, we went hiking to explore a multi-level waterfall that was 60 km / from Hua Hin. There were 5 different waterfalls. At each one there were tons of fish! Some were big and some were small, but they were all the same kind. I had fun feeding and touching the fish. They even nibbled at my fingers. That was a little scary. They were sure hungry! I waded in the water and took a video under water of all the fish with my dad's Go-Pro video camera. It was pretty amazing to see. 

Questions for my blog readers:
- Have you ever touched a slimy fish?
- Have fish eaten right out of your hand before?
- Have you ever been to waterfall? 

Please tell me about it.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hiking to Pala-U Waterfall น้ำตกป่าละอู

Pala-U Waterfall น้ำตกป่าละอู

Today we went to the Pala-U waterfall. And it took over an hour to get there. But in spite of the long commute we had an awesome time. The waterfall had five levels, with each level about 165 feet away. And I also brought my DSLR camera and took HDR pictures using the RAW photo setting.  On the way there my parents accidentally went "swimming", as they slipped on the rocks near one of the water falls. And I almost fell a few times too.   It was so cool to see the pretty waterfalls!

You too can join our family at the  น้ำตกป่าละอู Pala - U Water Falls by exploring these links:

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A Great Online Resource to Learn about the Trees of Thailand
A Field Guide to Forst Trees of Northern Thailand

Questions for my blog readers:
- Have you ever been to a waterfall?
- Have you ever slipped on the wet rocks?
- Did you like it?  Write back and tell me about it!

Monday, July 09, 2012

On a Horse - The Best Way to Spend My Birthday!!!

This past summer we went to the visit friends and family in the USA. We went to our friend's house while my Dad was at some meetings.

We had such a blast at their house! They have lots of animals:
  • Two horses
  • Three goats
  • Four baby goats "kids"
  • Three dogs
  • Five cats
  • Lots of birds (canaries, parrots, and even a crow)
  • Lots of fish
And I think that is about all!

My favorite part of being there was riding the horses. Several days, Heather and I rode almost all day long! We didn't even want to get off for lunch, we were having so much fun!

I learned so much about horse while I was there. Like how to feed and water the horses, how to brush them properly, and even how to "muck" the stalls! And of course, to ride the horses.

The horse that I rode was named Cocoa! I didn't really like wearing the helmet, but I knew that it was keeping me safe!

I couldn't ask for a better way to spend my birthday, than to be with my friend Heather and her horses!

Questions for my blog readers:
  1. Do you like horses?
  2. What was your favorite way to spend your birthday?
Let me know!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Trip to the Pet Hospital

This week is very sad because our cats are very sick. As you know we had 5 cats - Mango, Marble, Junior, Tiger and MoMo.

But Junior died so we then had four cats. Then our 4 cats got very, very sick with pneumonia.

We took them to the local vet and we found out that they were bitten by a small tick.  This is one thing that made them sick.

I am sad because of the sin sick world where animals and people die.  

I found this helpful from - Do animals go to heaven? 

Questions for my blog readers:
1. Have you had a sick pet?  
2. What happened? 
3. What did you do?

Thanks for sharing your story . . .

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Community Service - Trash pick up on the Centennial Trail

When we were at Upper Columbia Conference campmeeting at UCA, our Junior Class did a community service outreach project by picking up trash. We had a one hour bus ride to the Centennial Trail next to the Spokane River. It was a lot of fun. I hope there is a Pathfinder honor for this, because boy did we pick up a lot of trash!

We picked nearly 20 bags in all. We did not just stay on the bike path, we went everywhere off the trail and in the woods so that's were we found all kinds of trash!

Here is a list of things we found;
  • pipes
  • beer bottles
  • aluminum cans
  • car parts
  • pliers
  • trash
  • and lots more cool looking stuff
After we finished that we went back on the bus.

One difference I learned about is the type of clothes to wear. When you do this you type of community service you have to wear long pants because of ticks, but in Thailand I've not seen any ticks, but instead you have to watch out for the leaches along some of the jungle walking paths!

I saw one kid wearing shorts and I saw a little tiny tick on his leg and I saw it. I told him that he had a "hitch hiker" on his leg. He saw it and flicked the tick off.

Questions for my blog readers:
  1. Are you a liter bug? Do you throw trash on the ground?
  2. How are you helping your community? Tell me your story!

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Sad Day

Today, my brother and I found out that our third cat, Junior had died. He went into the ground - with my other pets. What I mean is that he's dead.

I might be crying, and maybe you are crying too! I'm crying because I'm sad and missing Junior, because he was my Christmas kitten. (See my blog post My Dear Little Christmas Kitten)

I look forward to Jesus coming again. Why? Because death will be history, and I will see my cat again in the Earth made new!

Questions for my blog readers:

  1. Have you ever had a pet die?

  2. How did you feel? Write back and tell me.

Why Promote Missions?

Each year our family comes home to the USA to visit family and friends. We share what God is doing through our church planting work in Thailand.

We go to churches and campmeetings and share. 

Q. Why do we share?

A. Because the church members invest in our mission, and all other overseas missions through their mission offerings.  We say thanks to all those who give!  

A. We also share because more missionaries are needed!

Questions for my blog readers:

  1. How do you support missionaries?
  2. How do you promote missions?
Write back and tell me your ideas!